Work in Progress

I consider myself a “Work in Progress”.  The unpredictability of life has, and will continue to alter my dreams and plans – hopefully for the better.  After 3 years of teaching Algebra and Calculus, I decided to start a drafting and design business.  I cannot say that this has always been a dream of mine; however, it is becoming a reality, and I am enjoying every minute of it.

Meanwhile, I strive to be a supportive wife and a loving mother.  Jeremy has accepted a transfer, which will soon lead to a position as Drilling Superintendent for OXY.  During his time off, he manages and operates a rubber mold business, farms 200 acres of land, and works on my “honey do’s” around the house.  Our baby girl is growing into a beautiful, intelligent, and somewhat strong-willed toddler.  I am afraid that it will not be long until she is able to outsmart me.  During my “free time” I find myself cooking meals, mending and sewing clothes, and working in my flowerbeds.  I also sponsor the UIL Spelling Team and offer occasional math tutoring.


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